With a storage capacity of approximately 8.7 million barrels, SemLogisitics Milford Haven is one of the largest independent, petroleum products storage facility in the United Kingdom, and we’re the only one capable of handling crude oil. We’re also the only independent United Kingdom facility that serves the bulk transshipment sector. We have two deep-water jetties, one of which can accommodate vessels of up to 165,000 dead weight tons. We have access to rail and pipeline including the Mainline Pipeline Limited, operating from Milford Haven to Manchester and Nottingham. Our 52 commercial, aboveground storage tanks range in size from 100,000 m3 to less than 5,000 m3, offering build bulk / break bulk flexibility. We continue to invest significant capital in our tank refurbishment program and have room to grow with sufficient land to build additional tanks as needed.

Our terminal is a 24 hour operation with an onsite laboratory facility and Customs and Excise bonded warehouse, with 24 hour manned security. Services available include inline Stadis and additive injection and kerosene marking. We also have a large scale water treatment facility with the potential to handle bulk waste water storage and disposal.

SemLogistics Quick Facts

Storage capacity More than 8.7 million barrels
Number of Tanks 52 commercial aboveground
(Ranging in size from 100,000 m3 to 3,000 m3)
Products Clean petroleum products and crude oils
Waste water storage and treatment
Services Product mixing and additive injection
Stadis and additive injection
Kerosene marketing
Facilities Milled steel tanks
Exports By sea and pipeline
Imports By sea
Draft at berth Berth 2 16.8 meters / 283 meters LOA / 165,000 DWT
Berth 3 10.6 / 153 meters LOA / 20,000 DWT