SemMaterials Mexico

SemMaterials México is the largest supplier of liquid asphalt cement products and product application services in Mexico. We produce, distribute and apply high quality and high performance road asphalt products and are the country’s leader in asphalt technologies and capabilities. With a presence in all Mexican territories, we participate with local and federal agencies as well as some of the most important contractors and concessionaries.

As an industry leader, SemMaterials México has a portfolio of paving materials that helps customers build longer-life roads and provides them solutions for improved maintenance and repairs.


Tom DeLorbe


Tom DeLorbe serves as the President for SemMaterials México. Tom is responsible for the overall operating and commercial management of the business.

Tom has more than 28 years of experience in the energy industry.

Adrian Barahona Director of Strategic Planning


Community Contact
Phone:     (52) 222.284.1930
Mail:     Mexico Corporate Headquarters
Privada Universidad No. 3
Km. 8.5 Carretera Federal Puebla-Atlixco
Colonia Tlaxcalancingo, Cholula
Puebla, Mexico  
C.P. 72820